Services Timeline

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League History: Community Services Time Line

1912-1945 – St. Mary’s Hall: residence for single working women

1913-1963 – The Margaret Barry House: settlement house for immigrants

1913-1921 – St. Joseph’s Home: shelter for fatherless children and their mothers

1913-1973 – The Junior Catholic League existed side by side with the Senior League

1925 – Donated rose window depicting the Enthronement of Mary on the wall east of the altar at the Basilica of Saint Mary

1958-1969 – Chi Rho Club for young adults

1961-1975 – Minneapolis League of Catholic Women’s Girls Club: residence for single working women

1963 – Switching Post Consignment Shop opened.  Although the house closed in the 90’s, LCW volunteers still operate estate sales from the League under the title, At Your Service.

1963-1965 – Biennial Sacred Art Exhibitions

1966-1998 – Girls Group Home (later renamed Pathway)

1969-1983 – Boys Group Home (later renamed Pathway)

1970-1978 – Project St. Francis; services for mothers on AFDC

1974 and continuing – Tuesday Club: hospitality for senior citizens

1976 – Commissioned “No Greater Love,” communion hymn from Fr. Michael Joncas

1977-2005 – Women/Becoming: a personal empowerment program for women

1980 and continuing – Endowment Fund begins

1981-1983 – Ascension Place: LCW helps to furnish and provide volunteer services for this newly established home which offers shelter for families fleeing from abusive relationships.

1984-1996 – Emergency House: transitional housing

1989 – League’s enrichment outreach to Northside Child Development Center begins

1991 – Working with The Picket Fence Shop, the League produces the Heritage Needlepoint in honor of its 80th Anniversary.

1993-2003 – AIDS Ministry

1993 and continuing – Scholarship grants

1994 and continuing – By Your Side Mentoring Project

1995-2001 – Breast Feeding Campaign

1997 and continuing – tutoring in inner-city Catholic schools

1998 and continuing – First Impression 

1998 and continuing – Mitten Tree Christmas Project at Northside Child Development

2001 – League publishes “The Green Door Cookbook” to mark its 90th Anniversary.

2005 and continuing – Children’s Book Express

2005 and continuing – Welcome Home Tote Bag project

2010 – Minneapolis Network (MN) begins

2011 – Vets’ Outreach begins

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