Why Do Women Join the League?

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“I responded to the League’s spiritual dimensions because they take into account a woman’s unique life experiences and approaches to the spiritual life.”

“A friend introduced me to “Spiritual Conversation” Book Club and I was introduced to authors and ideas not available in my own faith community.”

“There are so many different things to do that you tend to make friends who enjoy the same things you do and League members go out of their way to make you feel at home.”

“It’s kind of like a family—everyone always ends up in the kitchen!”

“It is a unique, independent, self-governing, self-sustaining non-profit that exists only in Minneapolis. It is a one of a kind place, not formally affiliated with any parish, archdiocese or other organization. I like that.”

“I work long hours and cannot volunteer for many of the causes I’d like to support. By joining and contributing to the League, I can foster the work they do—good work.”

“I went to their LCW Women’s Forum program on human trafficking last year and it really opened my eyes. I want to get the League Link and find out what programs are planned each month.”

“I have very little time to volunteer but I like to do what I can. The League’s volunteer opportunities are so varied and flexible, I have found a perfect niche for my time and talents.”

“My children are grown and I now have time to get involved in something beyond family and schools. This place has definitely broadened my outlook on life.”

“As a frequent guest at League events, I met such interesting and fun women, I finally just had to join!”

How Do I Join the League?

Join on-line (click here)

Call the League office: 612-333-7004 and request a membership form. Questions? They will be answered by a staff person or member knowledgeable in the subject of your inquiry.

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